Postpone NEET UG 2023 Latest Update

More than 6,000 individuals have signed an online petition requesting to postpone the undergraduate medical entrance exam. Some students have asserted that they are being given inadequate time to prepare for the medical entrance exam after completing their CBSE and other state board examinations, and are therefore requesting a postponement of NEET UG 2023.

Latest update on NEET UG 2023 postponement: Despite only having four academic calendar days remaining until the medical entrance exam, numerous undergraduate medical aspirants are still advocating for its postponement. A petition on has been initiated by NEET Aspirants, urging for the rescheduling of the largest medical exam. According to recent reports, more than 6,000 candidates have already signed the petition. The petition’s text acknowledges that the government is attempting to restore the pre-pandemic academic schedule, but states that delaying NEET for just 15 days would not be detrimental in their view.

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Postpone NEET UG 2023
Postpone NEET UG 2023

NEET UG 2023: Check Petition’s Text Here

As per the language used in the petition, concerned aspirants have cited several legitimate reasons why the authorities should contemplate postponing the examination. The petition states, “The exam date clashes with board exams. While there are no board exams scheduled for May 7th, we believe that there should be a minimum gap of 15 days between the board exams and NEET. For instance, the Jammu board has a geography exam on May 3rd. It is practically impossible for a student to manage both the board exam and NEET. Similarly, the Punjab board has practicals, and the NIOS board has exams on May 6th and 8th.” The exact petition text can be found on

  1. Clashes with board exam. Although on 7th May there is no board exam but gap between board exam and neet should have minimum 15 days in our opinion. Jammu board has geography exam on 3rd may. It’s not possible for a student to manage this exam along with neet. Punjab board has practicals. Nios board too has exam on 6th and 8th May.
  2. Late city intimation. Testing agency should be early with city intimation so that students and their parents can make arrangements according to their centre. We do agree that even jee got city intimation just 5 days back but jee has shifts, 2 attempts, and total no. Of aspirants are half of neet . 20 days prior to neet exam play’s a very important role in student’s score. So, disturbances like board, practicals, travelling etc may hinder students preparation. 20 days prior neet should be only denoted to neet.
  3. Mbbs 2023-2024 session is not gonna start before December. So, what’s the hurry to conduct the exam in may?

NEET UG 2023 Exam: What Are Students Protesting

The medical aspirants requested the National Testing Agency(NTA), the sole exam conducting body, to postpone the examination by a month in view of rising COVID-19 cases. A section of students claimed that they are getting less time to prepare for the medical entrance after their CBSE and other state board examination.

NOTE: Please note that students want the authorities to postpone the examination by a month. They do not demand the authorities to cancel the examination