Penn State University World Campus 2024 Amission And Degree

Penn State University World Campus 2024 Admissions and Degrees

Penn State World Campus offers a unique opportunity to pursue a regionally accredited Penn State degree entirely online, with over 175 undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. Here’s an overview of admission and degree options for 2024:


  • Application Deadlines:
    • Rolling admission: Most programs accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, meaning applications are reviewed as they are received. However, some programs have specific deadlines, so check the individual program page for details.
  • Application Requirements:
    • Completed online application
    • Official transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended
    • Professional resume (for graduate programs)
    • Essay (optional for most programs, required for some)
    • Standardized test scores (optional for Fall 2024 onwards)
    • Additional requirements for international students, such as English language proficiency tests


  • Undergraduate Programs: Open to students with a high school diploma or equivalent and competitive GPA (varies by program).
  • Graduate Programs: Vary by program, typically requiring a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a minimum GPA (usually 3.0 on a 4.0 scale).

Degrees Offered:

  • Associate’s Degrees: Various fields like business administration, healthcare administration, and information technology.
  • Bachelor’s Degrees: Popular options include accounting, business administration, education, information science and technology, and nursing.
  • Master’s Degrees: Extensive range across various disciplines, including business administration, education, engineering, public administration, and social work.
  • Graduate Certificates: Shorter programs focusing on specific skills and knowledge in areas like cybersecurity, project management, and supply chain management.

Additional Information:

  • Application fee: $70 for all applications.
  • Financial Aid: Various scholarships and financial aid options are available for eligible students.
  • Transfer Credit: Penn State World Campus accepts transfer credit from accredited institutions, potentially reducing program completion time and cost.
  • Military and Veterans Support: Dedicated resources and programs available for military personnel and veterans.


  • Penn State World Campus Website:
  • Admissions Information: [invalid URL removed]
  • Programs and Degrees: [invalid URL removed]
  • Financial Aid: [invalid URL removed]

Remember, this information is accurate for 2024 admissions. Requirements and deadlines might change for future semesters. Always check the official website for updates.