Niti Aayog Recruitment 2023, Check Salary And Apply Here

Niti Aayog Recruitment 2023 offers an exceptional chance for eligible Indian candidates to join India’s esteemed policy think tank. The organization is currently inviting applications for the Senior Specialist/Specialist position on a contract/deputation basis. If you possess a passion for making significant contributions to crucial policy initiatives, this prestigious role is tailor-made for you. By becoming a part of Niti Aayog, you will have the opportunity to make a profound impact on our nation’s development.

To be a part of Niti Aayog, it is vital to stay updated with the Niti Aayog Recruitment 2023 Notification. This renowned institution, responsible for formulating policies and implementing programs for national development, has announced 10 vacancies for the Senior Specialist/Specialist position. With only 10 opportunities available, it is crucial to ensure that you meet Niti Aayog’s specified eligibility criteria. Seize this chance to secure a position where you can contribute your skills and expertise to shape the future of our country. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity—apply online today.


The salary offered for Niti Aayog Recruitment 2023 is subject to variation based on the selected candidate’s position and level. Although I do not have access to specific salary information for the 2023 recruitment, I can provide a general overview of the salary structure at Niti Aayog.

Niti Aayog is a prestigious institution known for offering competitive salaries to its employees. Higher-level positions such as Senior Specialists and Specialists may receive a monthly salary ranging up to Rs. 2,20,000 or more. However, it’s important to note that the actual salary offered can depend on several factors, including the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and the prevailing policies of Niti Aayog at the time of recruitment.

How To Apply 

To apply for Niti Aayog Recruitment 2023, please follow the general steps provided below. However, please note that the specific application process may vary depending on the recruitment advertisement and instructions issued by Niti Aayog.It is crucial to refer to the official Niti Aayog website or the recruitment notification for the most accurate and detailed information on how to apply.

  1. Visit the Official Website: Begin by accessing the official website of Niti Aayog. Look for the dedicated recruitment section or the “Careers” page, where you are likely to find the latest recruitment notifications and application details.
  2. Read the Recruitment Notification: Thoroughly read the Niti Aayog Recruitment 2023 notification to understand the eligibility criteria, job requirements, important dates, and application process. Ensure that you meet the specified qualifications and criteria before proceeding with the application.
  3. Prepare the Required Documents: Collect all the necessary documents, including your resume/CV, educational certificates, experience certificates, identity proof, and any other documents mentioned in the recruitment notification. Make sure you have both physical and digital copies readily available.
  4. Online Application: If the recruitment process allows for online applications, you will likely find an “Apply Online” or “Online Registration” link on the official website. Click on the link and follow the provided instructions. Fill out the application form accurately and provide relevant information. Upload the required documents as specified.
  5. Offline Application: If the application process requires offline submission, download the application form provided in the recruitment notification. Print it out and fill in all the required details accurately. Attach the necessary documents as mentioned in the notification. Send the completed application form along with the supporting documents to the designated address stated in the notification.
  6. Pay Application Fee (if applicable): Some recruitment processes may require the payment of an application fee. If mentioned in the recruitment notification, follow the instructions provided to make the payment through the specified mode.
  7. Submit the Application: Review all the information provided in the application form and ensure that you have attached all the required documents. If you are applying online, submit the application form through the online portal. If applying offline, send the application form and documents via the prescribed mode (such as post or courier) to the designated address before the specified deadline.
  8. Keep a Copy: It is advisable to retain a copy of the submitted application form and the payment receipt (if applicable) for your reference.
  9. Regularly Check for Updates: Remember to frequently check the official Niti Aayog website or other reliable sources for any updates or changes regarding the recruitment process. Stay informed to ensure you don’t miss any important information.

Please note that the above steps provide a general guideline for applying to Niti Aayog Recruitment 2023. Refer to the official sources for precise and up-to-date instructions.