CUET Exam Analysis 2023: 21st May

Here is a rewritten version of the analysis for the Shift 1 English and General Test held on 21st May 2023 in the CUET Exam 2023:

The Shift 1 English and General Test conducted on 21st May 2023 during the CUET Exam displayed a moderate level of difficulty. The examination comprised various sections, and the questions covered a wide range of topics.

In the English section, candidates were tested on their language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. The questions were designed to assess the candidates’ understanding of the English language and their ability to effectively communicate. The difficulty level of the English section was moderate, with a mix of easy, moderate, and slightly challenging questions.

The General Test section evaluated the candidates’ knowledge in diverse areas such as general awareness, current affairs, logical reasoning, and quantitative aptitude. The questions were aimed at testing the candidates’ analytical and logical thinking abilities. The difficulty level of the General Test section was also moderate, with questions varying in complexity.

In terms of good attempts, it is subjective and can vary from candidate to candidate. However, a general guideline would be to aim for a good accuracy rate while attempting a substantial number of questions within the given time frame. A reasonable attempt in the English and General Test section would be to answer around 70-80% of the questions correctly.

Overall, the Shift 1 English and General Test in the CUET Exam 2023 provided a fair assessment of candidates’ language proficiency, general knowledge, and logical reasoning abilities. It tested their aptitude and skills required for higher education and employment opportunities.

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 Good Attempts
Sections Difficulty Level 
English Easy to Moderate
General Test Easy to Moderate


CUET Exam Analysis 2023 Reasoning

As per students’ reviews, the questions from the reasoning section were quiet easy and doable. In shift 1 of the CUET 2023 Day 1 exam, the questions asked from the reasoning section were as follows-

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 Reasoning
Topics No. of Questions
Blood Relations 3 questions
Time & Distance
Coding-Decoding 3 questions
Clock 2 questions
Puzzles 1 question
Calendar 4 questions
Non-verbal reasoning 1 question
Time & Distance


CUET Exam Analysis 2022- English Language

There were 3 Reading comprehensions asked in today’s CUET Exam, each RC consists of 5 to 6 questions. Idioms and Phrases were in the format of Match the column. There were 3 passages or RC asked in shift 1 CUET Exam. Each passage has separate 4 questions.

Topics No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension (3 passage) 12 questions
Synonyms-Antonyms 04-05 questions
Idioms Phrases 03-04 questions
One word Substitution 03 questions

CUET Exam Analysis 2023- Maths

The level of this quantitative section was Easy to Moderate as per CUET Exam Analysis 2023. Check topic-wise no, of questions asked as per candidate’s reviews.

  1. Data Interpretation (DI)- 1 question
  2. Percentage
  3. Height and Distance
  4. Ratio Proportion
  5. SI-CI
  6. Rhombus
  7. Mensuration
  8. Geometry- 3 questions

CUET Exam Analysis 2023- Current Affairs

This year, questions asked from Current Affairs section in CUET 2023 Exam were of Easy level. A few of the questions asked in CUET Shift 1 of 21st May 2023 as discussed by the candidates who appeared in the exam are as follows-

  1. Nobel prize related
  2. Olympics
  3. States & Capitals related
  4. Rivers (Match the following)